Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This very relaxing treatment uses gentle, rhythmic, pumping and skin stretching to facilitate optimal lymphatic function & support your immune system. MLD supports your body's natural healing processes. Available as a full body treatment, or focusing on the head, neck, and face.

BioDynamic CranioSacral

Gentle, nourishing, and deeply relaxing, CST calms the nervous system, supporting your body's natural capacity to heal. It helps to unwind and release tensions and emotions held deep in the body, and allows the skeletal system to come back into balance.

Massage for Relaxation

For an overall tuneup and whole body wellness, focusing on general relaxation and release of tension. This approach to massage aims to keep the nervous system in a parasympathetic state, allowing muscles and connective tissues to relax and "release."

Total Body Restore

Massage meets meditation! A custom blend of massage, guided meditation and visualization, craniosacral, and aromatherapy (with lymphatic drainage where appropriate). Calms the nervous system, facilitates profound relaxation, and supports deep healing. Each session tailored to your needs and goals.


60 MINUTES: $78 CC / $75 CASH

Add-On to Massage Therapy:


An enriching and indulgent full body treatment, using warmed oils combined with aromatherapy, and custom blended for your individual constitution and imbalances. Invigorating and balancing for body, mind, and spirit.


Find deep and long-lasting relaxation, with hemp derived cannabidiols (CBD) incorporated into your massage. CBDs calm the mind and body, decrease inflammation, relieve pain, improve sleep, nourish the skin, and accelerate healing.

Hot Stone

Coming Soon…

Therapeutic Massage

Therapy to address specific issues or body areas; for treatment and rehabilitation from illness, injury, accident, or surgery. PIP (MVA) and L&I billing available; superbills available. For acute injury, accident, trauma, pre/post surgery, decreased mobility and ROM, chronic pain, postural imbalances.


ADD-ON: $21 CC / $20 CASH